Conventional system Install-low profile fan
Typical active soil depressurization system
System Manometer Radon
Manometer shows system is working along with information on the system
A clean and efficient solution
System power is tied into panel outlet and properly marked with system labels.
Nice & neat
Flange seal at floor
ASD Radon Fan With Condensation Bypass
Properly installed fan
Radon Mitigation Suction Point In Mechanical Room
Suction point In mechanical room
Painted to match house color
Radon System Vent Non Compliant
A specialized non-EPA compliant system
Radon Fan Non Compliant
Non-EPA compliant fan location
ASD Radon System Double Fans
7000 Sq Ft home had radon levels of 120 pCi/L
Double Radon Fan
Twin high-suction fans discretely located at rear of home

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