Conventional system Install-low profile fan
Typical active soil depressurization system
System Manometer Radon
Manometer shows system is working along with information on the system
A clean and efficient solution
System power is tied into panel outlet and properly marked with system labels.
Neat & Clean Radon Fan Cover
Nice & neat
Flange seal at floor
ASD Radon Fan With Condensation Bypass
Properly installed fan
Radon Mitigation Suction Point In Mechanical Room
Suction point In mechanical room
Neat & Clean Radon Fan Cover
Neat & Clean Radon Fan Cover
Painted to match house color
ASD Radon System Double Fans
7000 Sq Ft home had radon levels of 120 pCi/L
Double Radon Fan
Twin high-suction fans discretely located at rear of home

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