School numbers

Vermont schools total: 296
Student total enrollment: 84,404
Admin, teach & staff:18,272
Total: 102,672
Average school occupancy: 346.8
Schools tested by VT department of health: 78
Number of schools where radon levels were above 4.0 pCi/L: 11
Percentage: 14.1%
Then the schools not tested: 218
Then, how many schools not yet tested, will have dangerous radon levels: 31
Total number of kids, teachers and staff in these schools: 75,659
Total number of kids, teachers and staff in schools with high radon levels that have not yet tested: 10,659

Below is a list of all the schools have been tested since 2006. If a public school is not on that list, then they did not test with the Health Department’s Radon Program between 2006 and now.

Putney Central
Guilford Central
Canal Street
Fletcher Elementary
Georgia Elementary/Middle
Academy School
Wardsboro Elementary
Dover Elementary
Marlboro Elementary
NewBrook Elementary
Townshend Elementary
Windham Elementary
Albany Community
Bellows Free Academy - Fairfax
Fayston Elementary
Tunbridge Central
Barre Town Middle & Elementary
Lakeview Union
Jamaica Village
Lyndon Town
Johnson Elementary
Tinmouth Elementary
St. Albans Town Education Center
Barton Graded
Addison Central
Colchester High
Hazen Union High #26
Monkton Central
Grand Isle Elementary
Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes
Champlain Valley Union High #15
St. Albans City School
Stockbridge Central
Wells Village
Westminister Central
Whitcomb Jr/Sr High
Hinesburg Community
Weathersfield Middle
Newbury Elementary
Beeman Elementary
Summit Street School
Shelburne Community
Orleans Elementary
Burke Town
Berlin Elementary
Main Street Middle
Montpelier High
Union Elementary
Currier Memorial
Sherburne Elementary
Barnet School
Waitsfield Elementary
Ferrisburgh Central
Newark School
Millers Run
Leland and Gray High
Randolph Union High
Bristol Elementary
Robinson Elementary
Peacham School
Hiawatha Elementary
Milton Elementary
Milton High
Brewster Pierce Elementary
Crossett Brook Middle
Stowe Elementary
Stowe Middle/High
Rutland Area Christian School
Brownington Central
Lake Region Union High
Glover Village
Irasburg Village
Vernon Elementary

How many were above 4.0pCi/L? 


A list of those schools

Academy School
NewBrook Elementary
Townshend Elementary
Lakeview Union
Wells Village
Newark School
Leland and Gray High
Lyndon Town

Association of Vermont Radon Industry Professionals (AVRIP)

Mission Statement: The Association of Vermont Radon Industry Professionals (AVRIP) seeks to promote healthy indoor air environments at Vermont schools. Testing and mitigation of radon is essential to the health and welfare of the children, administrators and staff of our public schools.

What: The Association of Vermont Radon Industry Professionals assists in the reduction of elevated radon levels in schools by offering consultation to school boards.

Who: The Association of Vermont Radon Industry Professionals is a group of certified radon mitigation and measurement professionals based in Vermont.

Senate bill S.279

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The bill:

An act relating to radon testing in schools

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